Investigating the Influence of Depth and Degree of Genotypic Change on Fitness in Genetic Programming

Erratum: We thought of binary trees when the second paragraph on the second page (i.e. 1062) was written...

Protein Fold Class Prediction Using Neural Networks with Tailored Early-Stopping

Erratum: In section III, 2nd paragraph, it has to be: ``The network is trained on Dtrain until the classification error on Dtrain vanishes (or falls below some predefined threshold).''

Evolutionary Tuning of Multiple SVM Parameters

Erratum: The standard deviations in the table are too large by a factor of square root 19 (approx. 4.4). This is corrected in the extended journal version of the paper.

Femoral Cartilage Segmentation in Knee MRI Scans Using Two Stage Voxel Classification

Erratum: In the equation of the stopping criterion (just below the first table), the signs of the gradient components must be inverted.